Our shirts require minimum maintenance and simple wash care done at home is the best. The best way to wash is by hand wash in cold water applying any gentle detergent. In a machine wash too we simply recommend you to put it in simple washing method or gentle washing method. Machine wash ideal temperature recommended is under 30C


We at 15 Buttons do not recommend unnecessary bleaching your shirt or use any other chemical. Bleach is used to remove stains, in case a stain your shirt is not removed by simple wash, you may use a little amount of bleach with detergent. Also use a non-chlorine bleach only.


Dry clothes normally on a stand, hander or grill. Avoid direct sunlight. Please do not tumble dry your shirt as it may cause an immediate shrinkage.


The iron should be at a low or medium temperature while ironing your shirt. It is better if your shirt is slightly moist and not completely dry while ironing your shirt.

Dry Cleaning

Please avoid dry cleaning your shirt as the chemicals used in dry cleaning could weaken the strength of the fabric of your shirt, decreasing its life cycle.