Fabric is the foundation of a Shirt. Hence, we at 15 Buttons take our selection of fabrics very sincerely. Selecting a fabric is also the very first step for you to start creating your own shirt. We are proud to use only and only 100% natural fibre fabrics such as cotton, linen and lyocell. We have tried to get all types of weaves, colours, patterns and designs to you in our 15 Buttons Tailored Shirts. In case you would like to touch and feel the fabric quality and colour before ordering a shirt with us, you may simply do so by purchasing our fabric sample kits. We source our fabrics from the top reputed composite mills and export houses in India. Hence the quality of fabric is certainly in compliance with all quality specs done by any well know garment brand. Most of our fabrics are 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or 80’s count single ply fabrics. Our basket of fabrics include various kind of weaves such as poplin, twill, dobby, oxford, satin, fil-a-fil, jacquard, herringbone and many more.


Poplin is the simplest form of fabric which has a plain texture. A poplin shirt is an essential in your closet and can be paired with anything. A poplin feels strong, crisp andsilky. The higher the count the more comfortable and luxury the cotton poplin fabric. Shop Poplin Weave Shirts.


Twill as seen in the image has a parallel diagonal line like structure. Twill weaves are more closely woven, heavier and stronger than weaves of comparable fiber and yarn size. Their count is hence usually 30’s or 40’s only and used more for casual checks and plain shirts. Shop Twill Weave Shirts


Dobby fabrics are created in special looms that draw up certain warp threads to form a self-structured design. These small geometric patterns are spread evenly throughout the fabric. A white dobby shirt looks very rich and elegant and is a 15 buttons must have in your closet shirt. Shop Dobby Weave Shirts


The oxford is basically a structured basket weave. It is mainly used to make a casual or sporty shirt. The oxford is like a bridge between casual and formal according to us. One can never go wrong with a sky blue oxford shirt paired with a denim, trouser or chinos. Shop Oxford Weave Shirts


End-to-end popularly known as Fil-a-fil is a type of plain fabric in which two yarns of different colour (usually one dyed, one white) are closely woven together. This fabric is mostly used to make formal shirts. A grey fil-a-fil paired with a black formal trouser is our must have recommendation. Shop Fil-a-fil Weave Shirts


Jacquard weave refers to a weaving process that creates a bespoke patterns or image within a fabric. This weave is produced on a special loom called the Jacquard Loom. The weave results in a fabric which is strong and lustrous and has a luxurious look and feel. Shop Jacquard Weave Shirts


Herringbone is a broken twill weave which gives a zig-zag pattern. Like the twill weave, a herringbone weave has countless variations, which give different appearances to the fabric. We recommend a light read or peach herringbone shirt as it can be used as an office as well as party wear shirt.


Satin is actually a variation of twill weave, however looks completely different. Satin weave creates a super smooth fabric that has a soft hand and drapes well. This gives the fabric an especially shiny surface, which is often associated with exclusive fabrics. We recommend pastel shades of satin paired with white pants.


Linen fabrics are the most exclusive fabrics of the lot. Made from fibres of flax plant, linen is highly absorbent and a good conductor of heat. Hence linens are best to be worn in our Indian kind of weather. A linen shirt always looks rich despite the colour and count. Our picks are lime yellow, mint green and baby pink.