Your Dog's Fashion Itinerary For Special Days

Fashion isn't just for humans anymore; our furry companions are stepping into the spotlight with their own stylish apparel. As pet owners, we cherish every moment spent with our dogs, and what better way to celebrate our bond than by dressing them up for special occasions? From playful prints to trendy designs, dog shirts have become a popular way to express our pets' personalities and make them part of our fashion journey. 

In this blog, we'll explore the exciting world of dog fashion and discover how you can create a fashion itinerary for your furry friend on special days. Whether it's a casual outing or a formal event, there's a dog shirt for every occasion, and we're here to help you find the perfect fit for your canine companion.

Dogs & Fashion

In the realm of fashion, our furry companions have transitioned from mere pets to beloved family members, deserving of their own spot in the limelight. At 15 Buttons, we recognize the unique bond between humans and dogs and aim to celebrate it through our carefully curated collection of stylish apparel. From classic tees to trendy sweaters, our dog shirts are designed with both fashion and function in mind, ensuring that your canine companion looks and feels their best on every occasion.

In recent years, the pet fashion industry has seen a significant surge in popularity, with dog owners seeking out ways to express their pets' personalities through their attire. Gone are the days of plain, utilitarian dog clothing; today, dogs are stepping out in style with a wide range of fashionable options to choose from. From casual everyday wear to special occasion outfits, the possibilities are endless when it comes to dressing up your furry friend.

What are the Best Dog Shirts?

When it comes to selecting the perfect shirt for your dog, there are several factors to consider. At 15 Buttons, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of dog shirts that cater to different styles, sizes, and preferences. Our collection includes:

  1. Jungle Gym Dog Shirt: Designed for the adventurous pup, our Jungle Gym Dog Shirt features a vibrant jungle print that captures the spirit of exploration. Crafted from lightweight, breathable fabric, it's perfect for outdoor adventures and playtime at the park.
  2. Tropical Koala Dog Shirt: Transport your dog to a tropical paradise with our Tropical Koala Dog Shirt. Adorned with adorable koala prints and tropical foliage, this shirt is sure to make a statement wherever you go. Its bright colors and playful design add a touch of fun to any outing.
  3. Pawsome Dog Shirt: For a classic and versatile look, our Pawsome Dog Shirt is a must-have staple in every dog's wardrobe. With its simple yet stylish design and neutral color palette, it's perfect for everyday wear. Whether you're running errands or lounging at home, this shirt will keep your dog looking effortlessly chic.
  4. Watermelon Dog ShirtKeep your dog cool and refreshed on hot summer days with our Watermelon Dog Shirt. Featuring a fun watermelon print, this shirt is as refreshing as a slice of your favorite summer fruit. Its bright colors and playful design are sure to brighten up any day.

Twin with your Dog with Our Twin Outfits

Why should humans have all the fun? At 15 Buttons, we believe that dressing up with your dog is a unique and heartwarming way to strengthen your bond. That's why we offer a selection of twin outfits that allow you and your furry friend to coordinate your looks and make a fashion statement together. Whether you're attending a family gathering, taking a stroll in the park, or simply lounging at home, our twin outfits are sure to turn heads and put a smile on everyone's face.

  1. New York Taxi Family of 4: Embrace the hustle and bustle of the big city with our New York Taxi Family of 4 outfit. Featuring matching tees for humans and dogs adorned with iconic taxi prints, it's the perfect choice for urban adventures. Whether you're exploring the streets of New York or just soaking up the energy of the city, this coordinated outfit is sure to make a statement. 
  2. Rainforest Family of 3: Take a walk on the wild side with our Rainforest Family of 3 outfit. With its vibrant tropical prints and bold colors, it's sure to stand out in any jungle. Whether you're exploring the lush rainforests of South America or just dreaming of a tropical getaway, this coordinated outfit is the perfect choice for nature lovers and adventurers alike.
  3. Limon Family of 4: Transport yourself to a sunny paradise with our Limon Family of 4 outfit. Featuring bright lemon prints and summery vibes, it's the perfect choice for beach days and picnics in the park. Whether you're lounging by the pool or sipping cocktails on the beach, this coordinated outfit is sure to bring a touch of sunshine to your day.
  4. Pink Satin Family of 4: Add a touch of glamour to your day with our Pink Satin Family of 4 outfit. With its luxurious satin fabric and feminine pink hue, it's perfect for special occasions and celebrations. Whether you're attending a wedding, a birthday party, or a fancy dinner, this coordinated outfit is sure to turn heads and make a lasting impression.

Trendy Dog Shirts

At 15 Buttons, we're committed to staying ahead of the latest trends in dog fashion. From tie-dye prints to retro-inspired designs, our trendy dog shirts are perfect for fashion-forward pups who want to stand out from the pack. Whether you're looking for something bold and playful or classic and chic, we have the perfect shirt to suit your dog's unique style and personality.

Tailor-made Outfits for Dogs

Every dog is unique, which is why we offer tailor-made outfits for dogs who require a little extra care and attention. Whether your dog has a specific size, shape, or style preference, our team of expert tailors can create a custom-made shirt that fits like a glove. Simply provide us with your dog's measurements and design preferences, and we'll work with you to create a one-of-a-kind outfit that's as unique as your furry friend.

FAQs about Dog Shirts from 15 Buttons

Q: Are your dog shirts machine washable?
A: Yes, all of our dog shirts are machine washable for easy care and maintenance. Simply toss them in the washing machine with similar colors and tumble dry on low heat for best results.

Q: Do you offer international shipping?
A: Yes, we offer international shipping on all orders, so you can enjoy stylish dog apparel no matter where you are in the world. Shipping rates and delivery times may vary depending on your location, so be sure to check our website for more information.

Q: How do I know what size shirt to order for my dog?
A: We recommend measuring your dog's neck, chest, and length and referring to our size chart for guidance. If you're unsure, our customer service team is always here to help. Simply send us your dog's measurements, and we'll be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect size.

Q: Can I return or exchange a dog shirt if it doesn't fit?
A: Yes, we want you and your dog to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason your dog shirt doesn't fit as expected, you can return or exchange it within 30 days of purchase. Simply contact our customer service team for assistance, and we'll be happy to help you with the return process.

With 15 Buttons, you and your dog can embark on a fashion adventure together, creating cherished memories and turning heads wherever you go. So why wait? Explore our collection of stylish dog shirts today and let your pup's personality shine through in every outfit.