Go Tripling: Tailor-Made Shirts For You, Your Bae & Doggo

What Makes It Awesome

If you notice any good quality men’s shirt, you’ll find 3 buttons on each cuff, 7 buttons on the front placket and then two extra buttons. Even if you were poor at math in school, it's easy to calculate a total of 15 buttons in every piece of shirt perfection. And with that kind of detailing in mind and the wish to break the myth of tailor-made shirts being old-fashion, too simple or expensive, this brand called 15 Buttons came into being.  

Started amidst the pandemic a year ago by Aayush Jhunjhunwala and his co-founder Rhea Jhunjhunwala, the brand wanted to deliver custom shirts (casual, formal, party, et al) to men at their doorstep at an affordable price. It was a matter of time until they also started making shirts for Doggos and then they also started making Hooman-Doggo shirt combos. They have also launched their womenswear range of shirts, shirtdresses, crop-shirts, and more. They are comfortable, sexy and stylish. All the shirts 15 Buttons makes, are made from 100% cotton fabrics, sourced locally from leading mills of India. We heart the cute shirts made for furries in quirky prints and then there are some in florals and stripes too. Imagine taking your doggo for a walk with a shirt that spells tropical in caps!

The custom-made shirts at 15 Buttons start at INR 1799. So get the best of fashion in the quality of a classic tailored shirt, and they let you twin with your pooch too! Does it get better than this?


Though they are based out of Mumbai, they ship across the country for free. Enquire Now and get in touch with 15 Buttons!